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Apostrophes (of death!) February 26, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 08 English 2007, CSC Year 08 Punctuation.
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1) To Show Possession

Luke’s presentation was on ghosts.
Harley’s voice was the loudest in class.

2) Contractions

Had not = hadn’t
Has not = hasn’t
Is not = isn’t
Do not = don’t
Will not = won’t
Was not = wasn’t
I am = I’m
It is = It’s
Can not = can’t
Does not = doesn’t

Luke wasn’t driving carefully and hadn’t seen the lights were red.

Harley’s running down the hallway, away from Mr Bartlett’s classroom.

3) To show ‘talking’, ‘quotes’ or ‘titles’

The teachers at Croydon SC said, ‘8A are an abomination.’

Maddie went to see ‘Happy Feet’ during the holidays and said sarcastically, ‘That’s the best film I’ve ever seen.’

‘Be quiet,’ Mr Bartlett said, ‘Or you’ll all die horribly.’

4) Its and It’s

It’s = It is
Its = ownership.

Eg. The dog played with its ball.