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Global Warming: Can We Save Planet Earth? June 22, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 09 SOSE 2007.
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Of the hottest years on record, nine out of ten have occurred since 1990. Thousands of plant and animal species are already on life support. Hurricanes, floods, droughts, heat waves and forest fires are happening with more regularity and intensity than ever before. And in a matter of decades, some coastal communities could be entirely under water. All because of global warming. All because of the choices we make every day.

Legendary UK broadcaster Sir David Attenborough says we’ve reached a tipping point and that we must act now to save our planet. Through sensible, manageable, and meaningful changes he says we can save planet earth without tossing out our air conditioners and returning to the days of horse and buggies.

Questions for Part One:

1. How are human activities believed to be changing the climate of the planet?
2. How did Global Warming lead to the devastating strength of Hurrican Katrina?
3. The climate of the Earth has always been changing – are the recent changes in climate the same as past changes? What are the differences between natural changes and human=related changes?
4. How is Global Warming affecting the Great Barrier Reef?

What do ancient rainforests have to do with the increase of CO2 in today’s atmosphere?


The Black Death – Assignment June 20, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 08 SOSE 2007.
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You are to write (at least) 5 diary entries from a poor person in London in 1665. The plague has just come to the city. You live in a small house with 4 members of your family. One of them comes home ill one night. What will happen?

Include the following:
– What you would know about the Black Death (talk about its history)
– How you would feel, knowing people were dying of the Black Death
– What you would think was the cause
– Symptoms
– What would happen to anyone who became infected (including what would happen to their family)
– What happened to the bodies of the dead
– How many people were dying

For research:


Lockie Leonard Assignment Part 2: Character Analysis June 14, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 08 English 2007.
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You need to do two analyses of Lockie, one arguing that the author wants us to see Lockie as being a good, likeable character and one arguing that Lockie is shown to be dislikeable. Both analyses need to follow the format below:


Reason 1

Reason 2

Reason 3


Here is an example of an analysis plan (with labels) suggesting he is a good character:

Introduction: Lockie Leonard is the lead character in the novel …. by Tim Winton, but are we meant to see him as the ‘hero’ of the story? By looking at evidence from the book, we can see that…

Reason 1: Lockie is a friendly, outgoing person who…
Evidence: (there should be at least two pieces of evidence per reason)
When Lockie first arrives in Angelus, he is keen to make friends…
Explanation: (this tells us what your evidence actually means)
This shows us that Lockie is a friendly, helpful person who… which are
characteristics that readers will find appealing and likeable.

Reason 2: Lockie is responsible…
Evidence: Helps his brother
Doesn’t take a cigarette from Vicki
Explanation: The sort of person who helps others and… is one that most people would admire.

Reason 3: (You’ll need to think of one for yourself)

Conclusion: Someone outgoing, responsible and … is displaying characteristics that most readers will see as being “good”. The fact that Lockie has been given these characteristics by the author shows us the author wants us to like Lockie.