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Blog Safety

Blogging is an entertaining and educational hobby. But, there are a few things worth thinking about before you get started:

•     Personal information about yourself and others needs to remain private. This is really important and not only includes your address and phone number, but the secret your best friend shared with you yesterday is also off-limits.

•     Blog posts can come back to haunt you. Blogs are open for the entire world to read and the posts are going to be there for a very long time. So, not only are your high school teachers able to read it, but the information may be available to the college admissions officer who will be doing a background check on you in a couple of years. To people who don’t know you, you are what you write. Be picky about what goes in your blog.

•     Keep your password to yourself. Also very important! Don’t allow anyone else to post on your blog. Log all the way out of the service when you are done. You do not want anyone posing as you and posting gossip or negative comments.



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