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The Game of Your (Feudal) Life May 23, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 08 SOSE 2007.

We’re going to be creating board games based on life during the Middle Ages, under the Feudal System. The game is going to be based on an old board game called The Game of Life. At the beginning of the game each player will need to be given a role, for example:
Noble, Knight or Peasant

Each player will have to move along a set path from birth to death, enduring a number of life events along the way. These events will be defined by squares that players land on and cards they are given.


There are two goals:
1) To survive to the end without dying from disease or being killed by barbarians
2) To have more Faith Points than Sin Points to make sure you go to Heaven and not Hell.

Each player needs to be given their role. You decide how. The player then moves along a set path, each square of which either rewards or penalises the player.
There are different points that can be earned. Faith or Sin Points, which will determine if you go to Hell; and Wealth or Food Points which will determine if you starve or live well.
Your players should also be able to choose if they want to get children. More children will mean that the player will have more workers but they will also cost them Food/Wealth points.
You will need to decide how these points will be awarded or deducted.

The Cards:
When a player lands on a certain square, they have to take a card from a number of piles. These cards need to reflect events or problems that people in the Middle Ages would have to deal with. For this reason, your cards should be in the following categories.
FAITH (These should be how you earn Faith or Sin Points)
WEALTH (These should be how your earn Wealth Points that will allow you to survive hardships)
HARDSHIPS (These are like CHANCE cards in Monopoly)

The Tricky Bit:
Each card must have options for whatever position the player holds in society. For example:


You might find that some cards will cause Nobles to benefit but will provide hardship for Knights and Peasants (Or Vice Versa.)

What the game will look like:
Is up to you. Make it as colourful and interesting as you can. You will also need to decide what events you can include that will affect your players and how points are awarded. HAVE FUN!

The Teams:

1. Design: Alex, John, Sam
2. Cards: Billy and Glen
3. Instructions and Obstacles: Damien and Randal

1. Design: Stephanie and Amy
2. Cards: Matt, Alan, Jodie and Kristin
3. Instructions and Obstacles: Brad, Zoe and Belinda



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