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Lockie Leonard Assignment Part One: Self Portrait May 31, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 08 English 2007.

Here is my Self-Portrait, followed by a guide as to what the images are and why I chose them.

Mr B’s Self Portrait

Mr B’s Self Portrait Key

1. This is a “collage portrait” of myself, put together from a few different images. The head is from an actor called Paul McGann who looks a bit like me, with some glasses superimposed from another picture. I wasn’t going to put the glasses on at first as I prefer to think of myself without them but I suppose I am wearing them more and more as I get older. I added the body of another actor wearing a leather jacket as I have worn leather jackets since I was about 18 and don’t seem to be recovering from that obsession. The lower half consist of jeans and some Converse All Stars, which I also tend to wear a lot.

I also quite liked the pose I managed to put together as I feel it’s quite a playful pose, but also quite a strong one. These are two words I would probably use to describe myself.

2. Music has always been very important to me. I worked in a record shop for years and still write as a music journalist for an international magazine. Although I mostly listen to music on my ipod, I still prefer to buy albums on vinyl. This is because I’m very old.

3. This is a picture of my girlfriend pretending to be a lioness at a zoo in Washington. I included it because we’ve been together for years and years and she’s obviously very important to me. Also, I think it’s a good picture of her as it’s silly and fierce at the same time – two adjectives I would use when describing her!

4. Converse All Stars (see my description for Point 1)

5. Friends. These are two of my friends I’ve known for years. I’m very grateful to have such wonderful friends and feel they are a very important part of my life.

6. These are two paintings by artists I really like. The one on the left is by a street artist called Banksy and it’s actually painted on the wall that seperates Palestine from Israel. It has a wonderful contrast between ugliness and beauty, which appeals to me. The painting on the left is by an American Artist called Edward Hopper and is called Nighthawks. I find his work very moody.

7. There are three pictures here from some of my favourite TV shows. I think the TV shows people choose to watch tells us a lot about them. The three I’ve picked are Doctor Who (which is very imaginative), The Mighty Boosh (which is also imaginative and silly) and Black Books. I sometimes worry I am more like the (rather rude) lead character in Black Books than I should be.

8. These are pictures from two of my favourite films, Withnail & I and Butch Cassidy and the Sundance Kid. I think the theme that links both films and appeals to me is that of friendship in difficult circumstances.

9. This is Battersea Power Station in London. I used to live very close to it and have always found it a magnificent building.

10. This is a sculpture on Cottesloe Beach in Perth, Western Australia. I grew up here.

11. These are two of my favourite pieces of clothing, my long leather coat and and argyle vest.

12. This is a picture of an albino wombat. I think I like this picture because it’s one of the oddest things I’ve ever seen.

13. Books. I put these in to represent the fact that I’m an English teacher.



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