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Vietnam War April 23, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 09 SOSE 2007.

Here is the presentation Chris and Nicole gave:

The Vietnam War by Chris and Nicole

Here are the questions:

1) Why did the USA want to stop the North Vietnamese from taking over the whole country?
2) Why were the USA worried about what might happen if they invaded Vietnam?
3) Why did the Americans want to make the South Vietnamese “the Good Guys”?
4) What was difficult and different about warfare in Vietnam, compared to earlier conflicts?

Here are some extra details:


1962 – Australia are expected to take part in the conflict because of the ANZUS treaty, which says that if Australian New Zealand or the US are involved in any conflict, the others will also take part.
– the first Australian troops are sent

1964 – Kevin Conway becomes the first Australian casualty
– conscription is reintroduced in Australia. This is quite controversial and fiercely opposed by the ALP

ANTI-WAR Sentiment increases throughout the 1960s. By 1970, hundreds of thousands of Australians are protesting against Australia’s involvement in the war.

1971- Australia begins to withdraw troops

TREATMENT OF VETERANS is very poor, compared to earlier wars. Many Australians didn’t want to be seen supporting soldiers who had fought in Vietnam because they didn’t want to be seen supporting the conflict. The Returned Servicemen’s League (RSL), which supported soldiers from conflicts wouldn’t allow Vietnam Veterans to join. They were said not to have been fighting a ‘real war’ and therefore betrayed ‘the ANZAC spirit.’



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