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Superheroes March 8, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 08 English 2007.


We’re going to be writing some imaginative stories over the next couple of weeks. To get started, we’re going to be recreating ourselves and giving ourselves some nifty superpowers. We’ve talked in class about the TV Series ‘Heroes’, where ordinary people suddenly develop ordinary powers and we’re now imagining that we are one of those people.

To get started you’ll need to answer the following questions on your blog:

1) What will your power be? Explain what you will be able to do but also explain its limitations. Remember what we discussed about needing limitations for drama. If you can do anything, anytime, then any story based around you is going to be pretty boring.

2) Why do you want this power? What will be some good things about having this power? What benefits will it bring to you/others?

3) What will some negative things be about your power? How could you power cause problems for you or those around you?

Once you’ve answered these questions and put them on your blog, you can start work on your short story.

We’re going to be writing a joint story here at http://herospace.wikispaces.com



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