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Wide Reading (Again!) February 13, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 08 English 2007.

As you know, reading widely is an essential part of your English Course for 2007. Throughout the year you’ll be expected to be reading a book at all times, whether it’s a book you need to read for class (like Lockie Leonard and Holes) or one that you bring in from the library or from home (like Harry Potter etc.)

We’re going to be using our blogs this year to think about the reading we’ve been doing. To get started, answer 2 or more of the following questions in SEPARATE POSTS on your own blog. If you have already completed 2 exercises, CHOOSE DIFFERENT OPTIONS this time.

  • Describe one of the characters from the book you are reading. What do they look like? Where do they come from? What do they want from the story (eg. Do they want to find their father/sister/boyfriend/pot of gold)? Do you think you are supposed to like the character? Do you like them? Why/why not?
  • Write a letter to one of the characters, talking about what they’ve been doing in the book. What would you want to say to them?
  • Write a short story about something that happened to one of the characters before the start of the story you’re reading.
  • Write a Horoscope for one of the characters, predicting what will happen to them on a crucial day.
  • Predict what you think will happen at the end of the story. Explain why you think this.
  • Write a review of the book (if you’ve finished, explaining what happens in the book and what you did or didn’t like about it)
  • Write a short story about something that happens to one of the characters AFTER the book is finished.
  • Pretend you are one of the characters writing in to an “Agony Aunt” column for advice about whatever problem they are facing. Then write back, pretending you are the “Agony Aunt” and give the character some advice.


1. angelic - February 11, 2007

Common Mr. B your gonna drive these kids into the ground you’ve got them doing like 8 tasks not including the “opinions and why’s” (Slave Driver).

I’m amazed that they still haven’t changed the books that they’re being forced to read. Lockie Leonard, please that book I put down after the first page and when it comes to Holes the kids will just watch the movie and pretend they read the book… then again that was actually a good book.
Speaking of good books they should read “Tomorrow When The War Began”.

I pity the kids in year 8, so much work LOL.


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