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“FOX” Assignment February 12, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 08 English 2007.

Write your own version of “Fox” in the 1st Person, from the POV of one of the three main characters.

This is to be presented as a poster, with accompanying illustrations. If you want to present their story as a comic strip, that’s fine, as long as each panel is accompanied by at least one sentence written in the first person. (If you do want to write the story as a comic strip, come and see me first.)

You can either write your version of the FULL STORY or choose one of the options below (each a page)

i. Write a piece from either Fox or Magpie’s point of view, starting as they are running out into the middle of the desert. What are they thinking? What is Magpie thinking when she is left alone? What is Fox thinking when he leaves her alone?

ii. From either Magpie or Dog’s point of view, write a story starting when they return to the cave and ending when Magpie is ‘flying’ for the first time on dog’s back.

iii. From either Magpie, Dog or Fox’s POV, tell the story of fox’s arrival in the cave. What does your chosen character think of the other characters? What does s/he want?

iv. Tell the story of Fox convincing Magpie to leave dog from the POV of one of the characters. Why is Fox trying to convince her to leave Dog? Why does Magpie agree?




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