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Vikings!!! February 6, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 08 SOSE 2007.


Our first assignment is on Vikings, those scary scandinavian savages. You’ll need to create a powerpoint presentation that you will give in class next week.

The questions you will need to answer are the ones we came up with in class:

  1. Where did Vikings come from?
  2. When did they live?
  3. What did they wear?
  4. What did they look like?
  5. How did they hunt?
  6. What weapons did they use?
  7. How were they taught/trained?
  8. What language did they speak?
  9. What sort of boats did they use?
  10. Were there different types of vikings?
  11. What was a viking’s typical day like?
  12. What did they eat?
  13. Did they wash or did they smell?


You’ll need to come up with and answer TWO questions on your own.

Your presentation will also need to include:

  • Pictures of Vikings
  • A Map of where Vikings lived and where they sailed to


Some useful sites to research Vikings:




Vikings Discovered America!
Viking Childhoods

Once you’ve finished, you can try this out:

BBCHistoryViking Quest



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