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Australia February 1, 2007

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC Year 11 English 2007.

Here is the list of things we decided we thought of when we thought of Australia:

•    Wildlide
•    Freedom of Speech?
•    Multicultural
•    Aboriginals
•    VB/Beer/Pubs
•    BBQS
•    Outback
•    Green and Gold
•    Mateship
•    Football
•    Cricket
•    Food:
o    Meat Pies
o    Vegemite
o    Kirks
o    Lamingtons
o    Pavlova
o    Kangaroo Meat
•    Landmarks:
o    Sydney Opera House
o    Great Barrier Reef
o    Uluru
o    MCG
•    Landscape/Weather
o    Hot/Dry
o    Bushfires
o    Desert
o    Red Dirt
o    Trees & Bush
•    Clothes:
o    “wifebeaters”
o    flannels
o    stubby shorts
o    thongs
o    “Billabong”
o    mullet
•    People:
o    John Howard
o    Boonie
o    Chopper
o    Ned Kelly
o    Cathy Freeman
o    Thorpedo
o    Lleyton-Hewitt
o    Kylie
o    AC/DC
o    Steve Irwin



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