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Antz Assignment November 24, 2006

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC 2006 Classwork Archives.

You’ll need to complete 30 points from the following activities. All work is to be placed either on your blog or in your “My Documents” folder in a folder called “Antz Assignment”.

Character Blog
Choose ONE Character from the film . Tell the story of the film from their perspective through a number of blog posts. Include their thoughts, feelings, attitudes and some quotes from the film. You might want to set up an entirely new blog, written by your character.

(15 points)

Character Interview
Choose ONE Character from the film (not the same one from the blog, if you’re doing that activity). Script an interview with the character, including a minimum of fifteen questions and answers. Your questions should be a mix of serious and humorous but they must be relevant. Also, make sure the character can’t just answer your questions with a “yes” or “no”.
(10 points)

The Journey
Draw a map of Z’s journey throughout the film, indicating people and places he encounters along the way. These encounters often create turning points in a character’s life – that is, moments when they learn something about themselves and others. On your map, indicate and explain the key turning points encountered by the central character.
(10 points)

Character Description
Pick one of the characters from the film and write a one page description of them. What do they look like? How do they speak? What do they do? How do they behave? Make up some background for your chosen character – tell us some things that happened to them in the past.
(10 points)

Key Scene
Draw a key scene from the film, with a short description explaining what is happening
(5 points)

Antz: The Sequel
Write a two page story about what you think happened to the characters after the film ended. Make sure your story feels true to the feel of the film. Don’t, for example, have the characters abducted by (very small) aliens or all killed off horribly in a train accident/avalanche/asteroid collision/magnifying glass attack. What do you think really happened?
(15 points)

Film Review
Using the structure we’ve already studied, write a film review of “Antz”.
(10 points)

Film Poster
Design a poster promoting the Film. Be inventive (and colourful!)
(5 points)

A Friend of Z is a Friend Indeed
What sort of person do you think Z would be like to have as a friend? Imagine you were a fellow worker, trying to do your job. Write a story about spending a day in Z’s company. Alternatively, imagine having to spend a day at school with Z as one of your classmates and write a story about that.
(15 points)

Negotiated Topic
If you have another Antz-related idea, come and see me and we’ll decide how many marks it will be worth.
(5-15 points)



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