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Holes and Curses July 20, 2006

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC 2006 Classwork Archives.

Today we’re looking at one of the subplots of the book Holes. (Click on the link for a definition of subplot – basically, it’s a story that runs under the main story. Sub means under, like it does in submarine – which really means underwater.)

There are a couple of subplots in Holes, one about “Kissin'” Kate Barlow and one about Stanley’s great great grandfather. We’re looking at the second one today.

Stanley’s great great grandfather refused to obey the Gypsy Zeroni’s request, which then put a curse on Stanley for generations.


You are to write a post on your blog that answers the following 3 questions:

1) Do we make our own luck or are things laid down for us
(predestination)? Give your reasons for this.
2) Is Stanley being affected by his Grandfather’s curse or is it purely
psychological? Do you think the curse is lifted because Stanley carries Zero up the mountain?

3) What does Stanley really want from life? Tell us about some of his hopes and wishes.


Write a post that describes an incident from your own experience, which could be viewed as either bad luck or a curse coming true. Were you cursed? Have you ever placed a curse on someone else? What would make you want to curse someone?



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