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The Empty Trampoline July 6, 2006

Posted by Myke Bartlett in CSC 2006 Classwork Archives.

Stuck for a title for your fantastic mininovel? Help is at hand with this easy to use novel title generator!

You might need to know what a preposition is. Don’t worry, it’s much easier than it sounds.

Basically, a preposition just tells us where or when something is. Is it up, down, above, under, inside, beneath, over, below? These are all prepositions.

The book is on the table.
The book is beneath the table.
The book is leaning against the table.
The book is beside the table.
She held the book over the table.
She read the book during class.

The prepositions above are in BOLD

The titles I came up with are:

Title One: Dark Chasms Below Empty Phonebooths
Title Two: The Empty Trampoline
Title Three: The Book Below Dark Chasms
Title Four: Dark Trampoline
Title Five: The Falling Book
Title Six: Yawning Phonebooths
Title Seven: Falling Chasms
Title Eight: Empty Yawning
Title Nine: Yawning for Phonebooths
Title Ten: Falling and Yawning



1. schnookiputtzi - July 19, 2006

Ok Mr B! I go this
Title One: Green Holes In Orange Frogs
Title Two: The Orange Leg
Title Three: The Goat In Green Holes
Title Four: Green Leg
Title Five: The Going Goat
Title Six: Probing Frogs
Title Seven: Going Holes
Title Eight: Orange Probing
Title Nine: Probing for Frogs
Title Ten: Going and Probing

Hey!!!! That’s kinda funny! I had alot of fun with that programme! Caroline helped me 2! it was an eventful exersize!!! Thanx in was amusing for a while! 🙂 From a studrnt of urs. Yes i no u no who i am i just couldn’t be stuffed writing my name 🙂 He He…………….. c u round like a doorknob

2. schnookiputtzi - July 19, 2006

OH by the way the whole probing word was Caroline’s idea 🙂 not mine! swear on my life!

3. schnookiputtzi - July 19, 2006

What is it with u and trampolines????????? I’m slightly worried!

4. mrbartlett - July 19, 2006

Yes, I was a bit worried about the probing. Particularly “Probing Frogs.” “The Goat in Green Holes” sounds interesting though.

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